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Regional Collaboration Center of Technology


 This research facility assists local industries (small to medium-sized businesses) in solving technological problems, conducting collaborative research, and refining or upgrading technical education. It aims to enhance the technological level of the region, invigorating local industries’ research and business performance.

  This techno center integrates research and educational fields in its initiatives. It also enhances research and educational activities focused on basic manufacturing skills. Moreover, it develops research and educational projects focused on fostering competitive engineers with creative abilities.

  • Regional Cooperative Technocenter (RCT)
  • Regional Cooperative Technocenter (RCT)


Title Name Subjects
Director of Regional Collaboration Center of Technology TAKEDA, Kazuhiro

Distributed Parallel Processing, Architectural Environmental Engineering, Weather Data

Vice Director of Regional Collaboration Center of Technology MAEZONO, Masaki Genetic Algorithm, Image Processing, Image Recognition
Vice Director of Regional Collaboration Center of Technology SETOYAMA, Yasuyuki Control Engineering, Robotics

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