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Learning in Liberal Arts and Sciences is geared to imparting extensive knowledge and cultivating a flexible and strong mind so that students become the type of human resources that can create a better future.
Students learn various fields of humanities, languages, natural sciences,mathematics, etc. Training in freely using numerical formulas is also indispensable in order to correctly grasp reality and create a new world.
Liberal arts are also an opportunity to cultivate the learning mind.
We lay the foundations for students to continue learning throughout their lives while enriching their own lives and the lives of others.

Teaching Staff and Courses

Teaching Staff

Title Name Subjects Main Courses
Professor/M.ed. KITAZONO, Yuichi Health Education, Football Health and Physical Education
Professor/M.A. KURAKAKE, Tetsuharu TEFL, e-learning, Developmental Education English IIIA, IIIB
Professor/Ph.D.in Science SHINOHARA, Manabu Solar Terrestrial Physics Physics ⅡA, ⅡB
Professor/Ph.D. SHIMANE, Norihito Mathematics, General Topology Fundamental Mathematics A1, A2
 Professor/Ph.D.in Science NOZAWA, Hiromasa Planetary Magnetosphere Physics, Upper Atmosphere Physics Physics ⅠA,ⅠB, Physics ⅡA, ⅡB
Professor/Ph.D.in Mathematical Sciences HAIDA, Minoru Mathematics, Theory of Partial Differential Equations Fundamental Mathematics A1, A2
Professor/M.A. HOSAKA, Naoyuki Expressionism,German lyrics,DaF German, Literatur
Professor/Ph.D.in Literature MATSUDA, Nobuhiko Japanese Classical Literature, Japanese Mythology Japanese Ⅱ, Japanese Representation
Associate Professor/Ph.D.in Engineering REHMAN, Anis Ur Information, Science Visual Attention, Bilingualism English IIIA, IIIB
Associate Professor/Master of Mathematical Science ABEMATSU, Yusuke Mathematics, Mathematics Education Calculus I, II
Associate Professor/Ph.D.in Science IKEDA, Akihiro Upper Atmosphere Physics, Engineering Education Physics ⅠA,ⅠB,  Physics Experiments
Associate Professor/Ph.D.in Engineering KUMAGAI, Hiroshi Mathematics Calculus I, II
Associate Professor/Ph.D.in Education SAKAMOTO, Mariko Second Language Acquisition, Textbook Analysis English IA, IB, IIA, IIB, Sci-Tech English
Associate Professor/Ph.D.in Literature TANAKA, Motoki Japanese Classical Literature Written in Prose Contemporary Japanese, Japanese Language Culture
Associate Professor/Master of Physical Education DOUZONO, Hajime Sports Management, Badminton Health and physical Education
Associate Professor/Ph.D. MACHI, Taiki Cultural Anthropology, Religious Studies, Japanese Studies Ethics, Philosophy, Engineering Ethics
Associate Professor/Ph.D.in Science MATSUURA, Masakuni Probability Theory Fundamental Mathematics A1, A2
Associate Professor MIHARA, Megumi Analytical Chemistry Chemistry I, Chemistry II
Lecturer/M.A. KUNIYA,Toru English Education, Conrersation Analysis English IIA, IIB
Lecturer/Ph.D.in Science SHIBUTA,Satoshi Solution Chemistry Chemistry III, IV
Lecturer/M.A. SOYAMA,Kana English Education, Instructional Design English IA, IB, English IIIA, IIIB
Lecturer/Ph.D. XIONG, Hualei Cultural Anthropology, Japanese Studies Politics and Economy, Politics, Engineering Ethics 

Nonregular employed Staff

Title Name Subjects
Nonregularly employed Professor/Ph.D.in Engineering SHIRASAKA, Shigeshi Linear Algebra A

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