Kagoshima KOSEN National Institute of Technology

Advanced Civil Engineering


 The mission of civil engineering is to provide well-constructed environmental infrastructure which people can lead a safe and comfortable life. With this in mind, the Advanced Civil Engineering aims to foster prospective engineers, who are equipped with a substantial sense of development and creative problem solving skills to cope with natural disasters and various environmental problems often seen in Kagoshima Prefecture. The students in this program are expected to acquire professional skills in the development of local based disaster prevention systems.
 Apart from the Advanced Civil Engineering Program, a Cooperative Education Program with Nagaoka University of Technology was established in April 2020. The students will enroll in both the Advanced Civil Engineering Program and Nagaoka University of Technology, and the students will complete both curriculums. The students who have completed this educational program will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree from Nagaoka University of Technology, and will be issued a Certificate of Completion from National Institute of Technology Kagoshima College.


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