Kagoshima KOSEN National Institute of Technology

Advanced Mechanical and Electronic Control Systems Engineering


 In this course, we are organizing a curriculum that integrates the hardware side based on mechanical technology and electronic control technology and the software side based on information system technology. In addition, with the aim of fostering engineers who can play an active role globally, while giving lectures on technical materials in English, through ternships and presentations of research results at academic conferences, we can learn about the actual situation of domestic and overseas research institutes and companies, and have an interest in work and profession. We are providing education to raise interest and improve the ability to carry out research for problem solving. In addition, the Advanced Mechanical and Electronic Control Systems Engineering offers a cooperative education program with Kyusyu University since April 2023.
 This course launched a new cooperative education program with Kyushu Uni at April 2023. Every prospective student may choose to participate in the program when applying to the advanced engineering course. The students who have completed this educational program will be conferred a Bachelor’s Degree from Kyusyu University, and will be issued a Certificate of Completion from National Institute of Technology(KOSEN), Kagoshima College.


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