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  •  Information Engineering

 Computers are used not only for technological computing but also as systems controllers, including traffic control systems, weather information systems and administrative information systems. Under this circumstance, information engineers skillful in designing and building such systems i.e., systems engineers are in great demand.
 To meet these demands, the Department of Information Engineering nurtures the development of would-be systems engineers familiar with both software and hardware engineering. Our curriculum covers electrical and electronic fields, as well as hardware, software, communication engineering, and system development techniques. After graduation, our students find jobs in various technological fields.
 They conduct experiments and technical exercises in their major throughout the five-year course, thus acquiring the knowhow to discover and develop well-assured engineering techniques.

  •  Information Engineering
  •  Information Engineering

    Teaching Staff and Courses

    Teaching Staff

    <td”>Numerical Analysis, Information Theory
    Title Name Subjects Main Courses
    Professor/Dr.of Eng. IRIE, Tomokazu Neural Network , Associative Memory, Pulse Wave Information Network, Algorithms and Data structures
    Professor/Dr.of Eng. TAMARI, Yozo Bioengineering, Biomagnetism, Bioinformation Engineering Electric Circuit,Electromagnetism
    Professor/Dr.of Eng. NAGAIWA, Kentaro
    Associate Professor/Dr.of Eng. SHINTOKU, Takeshi Human Interface Human Interface, Information Processing
    Associate Professor/Dr.of Eng. TAKEDA, Kazuhiro Distributed Parallel Processing 、Architectural
    Environmental Engineering、Weather Data
    Multivariate Analysis、Object Oriented Programming
    Associate Professor/M.E. TOYOHIRA, Takayuki Software, Embedded system Information Processing,Instrumentation Engineering
    Associate Professor/Dr.of Eng. HARA, Takashi Distributed Parallel Processing, Swarm Intelligence Electronic Computer、Digital Filter
    Associate Professor/Dr.of Sci. FURUKAWA, Shota Image Processing Engineering Numerical Analysis, Information Theory
    Assistant Professor/Master of Systems Life Sciences AGENO,Sho Bioengineering、Brain science、Electroencephalogram Information Theory, Digital Filter

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