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Greetings from President

President  UEDA,Etsuko

Thinking of what we can to for the realization of well-being and put into action


Since its inception in 1963, the National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College (Kagoshima KOSEN), an educational institution providing a 5-year curriculum for 15-year-old students who have recently completed the first half of their secondary education, has grown into a higher education institution that helps students thrive in their chosen careers. Kagoshima KOSEN incorporates societal changes in its curriculum while striving to surpass expectations as a leading educational institution serving the community. In doing so, it has developed flexible programs that grant students credits as part of a university pathway program as well as setting up specialized technical courses. This year, Kagoshima KOSEN is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Recent years have witnessed a multitude of critical issues, such as the recent global pandemic, the declining birthrate, various social disparities including poverty, international territorial conflicts, and more. In order to address these issues, we each need to be proactive, instead of waiting for someone else to take action — we need to think about what we can do and take every possible action at the individual level. Moreover, modern societies are increasingly characterized by their diversity and complexity. People from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds form an important part of every community. It is therefore imperative for every member of society to be aware of their value and accept diversity while understanding and helping each other. Kagoshima KOSEN is committed to providing education that helps students get ready for a fast-paced world and learn how to create new values.

Kagoshima KOSEN aims to teach highly technical skills and knowledge that equip students for their chosen careers. The education provided by the College is composed of ‘theoretical knowledge’ and ‘ways to put theoretical knowledge into practice.’ Kagoshima KOSEN understands that in order for students to be ready for starting their career in a real-world environment, they need to acquire not only occupation-specific, technical skills but also broad knowledge spanning multiple fields including professional and personal ethics. With this in mind, the College is focused not only on helping students acquire scientific and technical knowledge but also providing liberal arts education. Kagoshima KOSEN students have the opportunity to develop ‘an independent and proactive mindset,’ ‘a pioneering spirit,’ ‘malleable imagination and profound insight,’ ‘communication skills,’ and ‘a global perspective and willingness to learn from different cultures.’

Through education programs that offer the aforementioned opportunities, Kagoshima KOSEN welcomes young learners who are keen on developing the creativity and practical skills required to help address various compelling issues and thereby contribute to building a better world. Furthermore, it is committed to becoming a more friendly, community-focused educational institution that closely works with local businesses and local people while sharing ideas for a better community.






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