April Entrance Ceremony, Opening Ceremony, Regular Medical Examination, Club Introduction, Dormitory Leader Training, School Founding Anniversary, Student Council General Meeting, Dormitory Council General Meeting, Dormitory Sport Match
May Friendly Sport Match with Miyakonojo College, Entrance Examination of Advanced Course (Preferned applicants), Parent-Teacher Meeting, Kagoshima Prefectural High School Sport Tournament, Traffic Safety Training (1st-3rd Year Students), Motorcycle Practical Training
June Mid-Term Examination of First Semester, Entrance Examination of Advanced Course (1st Semester),  Short Term Exchange Student (France)
July Domitory Star Festival Party, Athletic Meeting of KOSEN in Kyushu-Okinawa, Kyudo Tournament of KOSEN in Kyushu-Okinawa, Karate Tournament of KOSEN in Western Japan, Term-End Examination of First Semester, Transfer Examination to 4th Year Students
August One-Day Tentative Entrance, Athletic Meeting of KOSEN, Kyudo Tournament of KOSEN
September International Exchange Program (Taiwan, Sweden, Vietnam, Malaysia), Language Training Program (Northern Ireland, Hawaii, New Zealand), Overseas Internship (Thailand, Malaysia, Shingapore)
October Commencement of Second Semester Foreign Students Party, KOSEN Robot Contest in Kyushu-Okinawa, KOSEN Programming Contest, Campus Festival (Athletic Meeting, Cultural Festival)
November Entrance Examination of Advanced Course( 2nd Semester), KOSEN Design Competition, KOSEN Robot Contest
December Mid-Term Examination of Second Semester, Student Council General Meeting
January Dormitory Party, Student Council Leader Training, Annual English Presentation Contest for students in KOSEN
February Term-End Examination of Second Semester, Advanced Graduation Research Interim Report Meeting, Entrance Examination, Graduation Research Meeting, Closing Ceremony
March Graduation Ceremony, Graduation Ceremony of Advanced Course, Exchange Program (Singapore, Hong Kong), Overseas Internship (France, Korea) International Students' Gathering
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    Robot Contest

Academic Calendar(2018)

Academic year

The First Semester Apr.1-Sep.30
The Second Semester Oct.1-Mar.31

Entrance Ceremony Apr.5

Commencement Mar.15

School Holidays

Spring Break Apr.1-Apr.5
School Foundation Day Apr.20
Summer Break Aug.14-Sep.30
Winter Break Dec.26-Jan.6
Spring Break(Academin Year-end Break) Mar.20-Mar.31