President  CHOHJI Tetsuji
President  CHOHJI Tetsuji

 National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College, commonly known as KOSEN, was founded in April, 1963 in response to the greatly increasing demands from local industry. KOSENs are national institutes of higher education systems adopting 5-year integrated education conferring associate degree and 7-year integrated education conferring bachelor's degree. Our unique training system enables us to foster knowledgeable and work ready engineers over the long term with an advantage of starting pragmatic training at early stage of higher education to meet the high qualification. The graduates from NIT, Kagoshima College have been highly evaluated by society for their terrific performances in the manufacturing industry over the half century since its establishment.

 In the period of KOSENs' establishment across the country, the industry had revived toward high economic growth, to overtake the West by adopting their technology.

 Comparing to this period, KOSEN is now at the frontier leading the industry and expected to nurture top-rated and internationally-minded engineers with flexibility and creativity toward globalization. We believe engineers in the midst of globalization need interactive communication skills as well as English proficiency. To achieve our mission, we provide students with quite many opportunities to experience diverse, multicultural environments through the students exchange programs with the alliance schools as well.

 NIT, Kagoshima College, a member school of National Institute of Technology-NIT, enrolls 1,000 students. Then NIT enrolls 50,000 students in total, which is the second largest higher educational institute in Japan. Again, our objective is to be fast-responders to the needs in local community and to foster international-minded engineers in global community.

 We promise you to keep moving forward to fulfill the greatest expectations from the local industry in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Logotype of Our School

Logotype of Our SchoolIn the background lies K short for Kagoshima and Kosen, which represents erupting Mt. Sakurajima. Against the K stands out ‘se’ of Kosen, which represents a bud that symbolizes the growth of our school.