Ms. Yukari HIGASHI and Ms. Akari MORISHIGE who are the first grade of Department of Advanced Civil Engineering have done 2 weeks academic internship from 26th August at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: UTM.

This is our third time to send students as interns from our college to UTM but sending more than one female student is the first time for us.

Ms.Higashi belonged to Rock Engineering Laboratory and Ms. Morishige belonged to Environmental Engineering. They did experiments which were based on their usual studies in Japan.

Malay is the national language in Malaysia but all lectures are teaching in English. Besides, people speak English in Malaysia when they speak with other ethnic groups. Therefore, that was a great opportunity for them to train their English conversation skill.


Let me show you some pictures to be able to see their valuable days with their friends in same laboratory.

In addition, all travel expenses are subsidized by the International Exchanges Fund of our college.









Ms. Higashi studied the mutual relation using results of point load test and unconfined compression test.









Ms.Morishige studied the mushrooms cultivation by using pineapples residuum.









They visited the southernmost of Eurasia called Tanjung Piai with friends who are in same laboratory. It took about an hour from UTM by car.









UTM is a national university. Malaysian state religion is Muslim, so there is a mosque in campus.








This is a picture of one day’s dinner. They enjoyed having Malaysian dinner with a teacher’s family, friends, and an accompanying professor.