We invited lecturer from NTI Stockholm in Sweden to hold Workshop of VR!

VR is one of the most advanced technologies in the world.

■  For KTC member companies’ employees on 13th July, 2018. (6 persons were participated)

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■For students from our college from 17th July through 18th July, 2018 (11 students were participated)


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■VR experience for junior high school students on 22nd July. (29 students were participated)

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The lecturer was Martin Söderblom who is a teacher at NTI Stockholm in Sweden. Sweden is known for educationally advanced country. 


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Mr. Söderblom had an impassioned lectures and seminars.

At workshop for junior high school students, Professor Tsukamoto: vice president for international affairs explained that VR experience and taking lecture in English ware very valuable. In addition, VR is one of the techniques which students are able to study in our college. He also said “I hope that this experience would be helpful to you for making decision of the course after graduation.”


According to a questionnaire, about 90% of participants answered “very good” or “good” about workshop contents.


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