Department of Urban Environmental Design and Engineering hold international scientific lectures about construction technology at auditorium in NIT, Kagoshima College on March 20th from 3:00p.m.


Lecturers, researcher and engineer, were invited from Malaysia.


One lecturer was Dr. Rini Asnida Abdullah who is senior lecturer at the Civil Engineering, Univerisiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

UTM and our college exchanged Memorandum of Understanding.

Contents of her lecture were construction of tunnel, accident cases tunneling construction and steep rock slope collapse.

Other lecturer was Mr. Sharudin Ismail. He is an engineer at a government office is the equivalent to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan and at the same time he is doctoral student at UTM.

He gave a lecture on temperature management of asphalt in the tropical region which was based on his research.


NIT, Kagoshima College Techno Club member companies also participated. They interested to listen to same or different circumstances as in Japan. It is expected that a joint project will be launched with this lecture.






Dr. Rini Asnida Abdullah








Mr. Sharudin Ismail