10 days program, started from Fukuoka pref., was finally the last day. Ceremony for giving certification of Sakura Science Plan was held at our college.

DSC07897■ Dr. Nabihah Binti Sallih at UTP and Prof. Kimihide Tsukamoto, Vice president for international affairs at NIT, Kagoshima College


They wrote comments in questionnaire;

□ I have learned a lot about Japanese technology, culture and cuisine. I hope that such program would continue and benefit both Japanese and Malaysians in terms of share/exchange of knowledge, technology and culture.

□I have been impressed by Japanese students here with their projects.

□Very enjoyable and great experience. Very much interested in coming back to japan to study☺

□This exchange program has given a great experience and exposure



Some results of questionnaire as below;

■Were you satisfied with participation in the exchange program?

□Everyone answered  “Very satisfied”


■Were you satisfied with visiting to the university、 research institutes、 or the Science Museum?

□10 people answered “Very satisfied” , 1 person answered “Relatively satisfied”


■Do you wish to come to Japan again?

□Everyone answered  “Definitely wish”



According to the questionnaire, it seems that this invitation was one of the greatest experience for them.

At the end, we would like to thank you for your corporation who concern with this program; JST, companies and facilities and so on.