We had students exchange during their staying in Kagoshima.

Students were nervous at the beginning but they tried hard to know each other. It was difficult to communicate in English sometimes but they tried to using body languages, communicate in writing, using mobile phone and dictionary.

DSC07721□   Captain of English club did presentation about their activities


■First Time

They made small groups and introduced themselves or discussed along the theme. The most interesting theme was about our custom. They discussed about our daily life to make understand each other at first.








□ Introducing themselves   


□Japanese student showed magic










□UTP students explained their customs with standing



■Second Time

Students made pairs to interview for 10 different questions. They talked about campus life, their fields of specialization, researches and so on. They could be able to take more time to know each other much deeper than the 1st time.










ssp4-5□There was not only easy question but also hard one. “What is your goal of your life?”










□They can be good friends.



At the end of student exchanges, Dr. Nabihah Binti Sallih from UTP said “I was impressed that Japanese students can speak English very well and thank you for making such a great opportunity for students.”

It was also great experience for Japanese students.