Technical tour, looking around Kagoshima, was held next day of ISIE2018. Students and professors at UTP and at NIT, Kyushu Okinawa region joined this tour. It was clear weather with no clouds. One of a professor, living in Kagoshima, said that he hasn’t seen such a beautiful Sakurajima for a long time.

Our first destination was Sakurajima. On the way to Sakurajima, we listened to history, Taisho eruption and other explanations of Sakurajima. It was full of sound of taking pictures in a bus. We arrived at Yunohira observation. That was the highest point that we could be in. We enjoyed seeing the rough mountain skin, the Taisho lavas, and beautiful sight.

IMG_1801■ Group photopps2-2







  ■ “Does it erupt every day?” asked to Japanese student.


Leaving Sakurajima, we crossed Kinko bay by Sakurajima Ferry to go into Kagoshima City. Sakurajima was also beautiful to see from the ferry. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery out on the deck.


pps2-3  ■ Picture with Sakurajima











■ We felt fresh wind on the deck



We ate SUSHI for lunch. Students told us that Sushi is popular in Malaysia. They usually do not eat low fish but they enjoyed the meal. It seemed that they were very satisfying with the SUSHI in Japps2-5 pps2-6








               ■ Their chopsticks skills are really good!



The last destination of Technical Tour was the World Heritage Site, Shoko Shuseikan and Sengan-en.

They walked around traditional Japanese garden and taking photos at Sengan-en. There was a fencing practice section. Students actually grasped the wooden sword and acted like a Samurai!

After Sengan-en, they visited museum of Shoko Shuseikan to see a model of refractory furnace and machine exhibition, etc. Students read the descriptions of the exhibit with serious look.

There were also displayed Satsuma-Kiriko. Students were amazed by the beauty.

GOPR3259      ■ Group Photo









■ Beautiful peony flowers











 ■ Tastes of traditional Japanese culture.