We invited 1 teacher and 10 students at Universiti Technologi PETRONAS (UTP) from January 11th to January 19th, 2017. This invitation is called Sakura Science Plan which was supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency. The propose of this program is Asian students short visit to japan to raise awareness of Japanese leading edge of technology ,and making contribute to human resources development who work with Japanese universities, research institutions and companies in the future.

They arrived at Fukuoka Airport on January 11th, and started program. On the day they arrived, the temperature in Fukuoka Pref. was only 2℃ and it was 8℃ below the average in the past.

However, they took a lot of pictures and were very excited because it was a first time for them to see snow.










 ■ Arriving at Fukuoka Airport












 ■  Taking pictures of wind power generation




The schedule was busy from early morning till evening because their staying Fukuoka was only 2days. They visited 2 facilities related with environment, Kitakyushu Eco-Town Project and Kitakyushu Smart Community. They learned about recycling and energy by watching posters and exhibits, it seemed that they felt importance of an environmental issues.










   ■  Student listened earnestly explanation from staff














  ■ Students askes many question even in very cold outside!



They also visited “Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History”. This is one of the largest museums in western Japan. They were interested in “History Area” where was able to learn about the changes in Japanese people’s lives.

They saw wooden farming tools that had been devised variously in order to ease the work.They impressed and said “Technology of manufacturing in Japan has already been established from this age!”











 ■  They are excited with huge exhibit!




Two days program was the end, we finally leave for Kagoshima!












■     They remember some Japanese word and use very well.

  “I ta da ki ma su”



Contents of staying Kagoshima will be posted as “Technical Tour, Facilities Tour, Student Exchange and Last day of ceremony”.

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