At the last day of their staying g in Kagoshima prefecture, a closing ceremony of Sakura Science Plan was held in our college. Students received a certificate of completion from Vice President Professor Suda(Dean of Academic Affairs). Prof. Tsukamoto (Vice president for international affairs) told them that please study hard and he hoped they return in various ways to Japan. Member of English club came to see them before leaving NIT, Kagoshima College.













□ Exchanging gifts at the ceremony. Vice President Professor Suda (Dean of Academic Affairs) in the right, Dr. VO NGOC DUONG in the left














    □ Picture with English Club




□ Taking the commemorative photo with President Chohji(right side in the middle)


■ 27th October

 Last day of staying Kagoshima, students visited Sakurajima with some Japanese students. They enjoyed talking with each other, showing pictures and introducing their favorite music. Students enjoyed seeing the rough mountain skin, the Taisho lavas, and beautiful sight from Yinohira Observation. They also visited Sakurajima Visitor Center to learn history of Sakurajima.



□ Yunohira Observation


 They had finished all profgrams and returned home safely to Vietnam. Although it was a short period of time, they gained valuable experience of learning Japanese leading edge of technologies through visiting companies and facilities. In student exchange, I got the opportunity to exchange their opinions and discuss in various topics.

 At the end, we appreciate all who concern with this program; JST, companies and facilities and so on.

 Thank you for your continued cooperation and understanding in our international exchange project.