Raising awareness of Japanese leading edge of technology is one of the most important purposes of their visiting in Japan. Therefore, during the stay in Kagoshima prefecture, we toured companies and facilities in various fields.

■ Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation of Kagoshima Technology Center(23rd October)

  Employees explained about the semiconductor development and the contents of business operation of Sony as a whole, and they observed actual manufacturing line. It seemed that they highly interested in working in Japan, there were a lot of questions the explanation about recruitment in next year.








□ Manufacturing line       □ Playing at cup and ball


■ TOYOTA Body Research & Development Co., Ltd. (25th October)

 Students visited each section in the company and received an explanation about contents of duties. There was a section which gave us presentation in English, students understood well and seemed to be further interested. Employees politely answered their question after question. Listening to their valuable story has become very helpful to them.






□ A commemorative photo


■ JAXA Uchinoura Space Center (26th October)

 Students got an explanation of the whole facility to the staff at theHoshigaoka Observation, the highest point in the Space Center. After that, they took a tour of the rocket launch field and space science museum. Students were surprised by listening that they planned to launch a satellite made in Vietnam in December this year.







 □ A commemorative photo