After program in Fukuoka, they moved to Kagoshima to begin 6 days program.

■22nd October

-Morning Session-

 They joined the class of Department of Information Engineering.  One student told us that it was difficult for them to understand an explanation in Japanese but she enjoyed the lesson because she was able to understand to see a numerical expression.

  Teacher also impressed that Japanese students’ serious attitude towards class.


DSC08627 DSC08629






   □ In the classroom            □ Taking notes


-Afternoon Session-

 They had student exchange in Department of Mechanical Engineering. Assoc.Prof. Tokunaga had presentation with the beginning. After that, students made in 4 groups with students of the Advanced Engineering course to visited laboratories and they received explanation about lab in English.

 At the end of lab tour, students of 5th grade made presentation and Vietnam students evaluated each presentation.  









□ Tokunaga    □ Lab Tour             □ Presentation


■ 23rd Octorber

  They had group work with Department of Urban Design and Engineering. Japanese students felt difficulties with English conversation but they made effort to cooperate and share ideas with Vietnam students. They had fun to sing songs together after class.

C C (2)






□ Group work                         □ After class


■ 25th October

 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering planed a laboratory tour to be able to listen with a teacher’s explanation. Japanese students waited in each lab to explain their research topics and contents.

E (2) E







□ Hydrogen Car               □ At lab


■ English club activities (22nd October and 25th October)

 They seemed nervous at first but they opened their heart through interview time and games. It was great opportunity for Japanese student to speak English and understand different culture.








□ Interview time                      □ Game