■19th October

 They took part in a Kitakyushu Smart Community Tour as their first facility to visit. It took about 2 hours to visit Environmental Museum, Hydrogen Houses and Hydrogen Station.

  “Where is Kitakyushu located?” – This tour was started with a question from guide tour while pointing an aerial photograph, drawn on the floor in the KITAKYUSHU ENVIROMENT MUSEUM.

They learned about recycling and energy by watching posters and exhibits, it seemed that they felt importance of an environmental issues.

DSC08578  DSC08590 




 □Kitakyushu Smart Community Tour


■20th October

 They visited Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History which is one of the largest museums in western Japan. There are display of about 4,500 exhibits such as zoological and botanical specimens, actual fossils, rocks and minerals and replicas. They looked around, with their eyes shining.

  Next destination was Fukuoka City Science Museum, had been opened October 2017. They learned advanced technology of Japan. Many elementary school students visited there on that day. Vietnam teacher saw this situation and said “We need to learn from here because children are able to learn science while at play.”






□Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History & Human History


■21st October

They went to a “ KOSEN ROBOCON2018” at the last program of Fukuoka prefecture. The theme was Bottle –Flip Café. They enjoyed looking at technology of accurate robots, unique ideas and entertaining decoration of each robot.


DSC00027 DSC08618







□Prof. Dr. Taniguchi(President of National Institute of Technology) in the middle,

Prof. Dr. Mikawa(President of NIT, Kurume College) in leftmost, Prof. Tsukamoto (Vice president for international affairs) in rightmost