Engineering Program: "General and Environmental Engineering"

We have a four-year educational program ranging from the fourth year of the regular course to the second year of the advanced course. This program has been authorized by JABEE( Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) since 2003. This means that JABEE considers our program equal to that of a four-year college and can be accepted internationally.
When this course is completed, the primary test for a consultant engineer will be exempted and the graduate will be qualified to be a trainee. After some years of training, you will be qualified to take the secondary test for a consultant engineer.

Distinctive Features of Our JABEE Program

 JABEE Educational Program corresponds to the field for Multi-Disciplinary Engineering. The goals of JABEE Educational Program are the same as those of the advanced course(See Educational Goals).
Our goal is to foster engineers who manufacture environmentally-friendly things which protect the environment and ecosystem by learning about the influence of human social activity on the environment and connecting it with knowledge of a special field and other fields of study. To achieve this goal, the curriculum consists of four kinds of subjects:(1) cultural sciences, social sciences and foreign languages, (2) mathematics, natural sciences and information engineering, (3) fundamental engineering, (4) special engineering. Especially, students can acquire knowledge and the ability necessary for the field for Multi-Disciplinary Engineering by taking subjects on fundamental and special engineering.
Subjects on special engineering have the following distinctive features:

  1. It is compulsory to take common subjects on ecology to develop the ability to consider the environment.
  2. It is compulsory to take more than one subject outside one's major depending on one's interest and need.
  3. It is compulsory to take PBL subjects(General and Environment Engineering Project) to develop the ability to solve problems through knowledge of one's major and the above 1 and 2.

Creating things based on one's major is emphasized in graduation research of the second year of our program (the fifth year of the regular course) and its result is reported at a meeting for reading graduation research papers and it is compiled into graduation research reports. The research which is integrated from many different points of view to fuse and compound the students' major with their knowledge of other fields, such as environment and ecology is emphasized in advanced graduation research of the third and fourth year of our program(the first and second year of the advanced course) Moreover, the ability of the engineering design is cultivated in both graduation research and advanced graduation research. Its result is reported at a meeting for reading graduation research papers and is compiled into graduation research reports. It is compulsory for the students to present their research at the inquiry of the advanced course conference.