Computer-installed and controlled technologies, including AI (artificial intelligence) and fuzzy control systems, are increasingly contributing to the development of safer, more comfortable, and user-friendly mechanical devices.
Innovations, such as FA and CAD/CAM systems, numerical control machine tools, industrial robots, are effectively being used to assemble computer-assisted technologies.
Mindful of this, the Department of Electronic Control Engineering seeks to nurture students to be highly skilled engineers familiar with mechanical, electronic, and information technology. To this end, students are urged to learn and use computers and data/information processing techniques while working on how to control mechanical and electronic devices.
The curriculum for upper classmen, for instance, offers courses covering various engineering fields, including applied mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering, electronic computers, and CAD/CAM. Skills will be acquired through experiments hands-on practice, and graduation thesis research.

  • 電子制御工学科
    Cooperative Control Experiments with Educational Intelligent Robot System
  • control2
    Control of Machinery with PLC

Teaching Staff and Courses

Teaching Staff

Title Name Subjects Notes
Professor/Dr.of Eng. KISHIDA, Kazuya Soft Computing  
Professor/Dr.of Eng. SHIMANA, Kenji Control Technology of Machining  
Professor/Dr.of Eng. NITTA, Atsushi Electronic Device,Electronic Material Science & Engineering  
Professor/Dr.of Eng. MIYATA, Chikara Remote Sensing, Instrument and Control Engineering Head of Mechanical Engineering
Professor/Dr.of Eng. MUROYA, Mitsuhiro Power Electornics Director of School Counseling Room
Associate Professor/Dr.of Eng. KAMATA, Kiyotaka Environmental Magnetic Measurement, Biomagnetic Measurement , geophysics Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Associate Professor/Dr.of Eng. YOSHIMITSU, Shinichi Monitoring Technology of Machining  
Lecturer/Dr.of Eng. FUKUZOE, Takaaki Image Recognition, Aeronautical Tecnnology Assistant Dean of Dormitory Affairs
Assistant Professor/Dr.of Eng. KOBARU, Yuya Precision Machining  
Assistant Professor/Dr.of Eng. SETOYAMA, Yasuyuki Control Engineering, Robotics Assistant Dean of Students Affairs

Part-Time Teaching Staff

Name Courses
UEMURA, Shinichiro Mechanism of Machinery, Machine Design
ESAKI, Shuji Energy Engineering Ⅰ, Ⅱ
HARADA, Haruyuki Computer Systems Ⅰ, Ⅱ
SENDO, Hiroshi Special Course
FUKAMI, Daisuke
MAEZONO, Ryuichi
MARUNO, Hirokazu
UDA, Kazuhiro Quality Control
OBAMA, Minoru
CHOUSA, Masatoshi
  • 電子制御工学科
    Mini Robot Contest in Creative Design Class
  • control4
    Computer-assisted Experiments with Measuring Instruments