The educational goal of the Advanced Mechanical and Electronic Control Systems Engineering Program is to foster prospective engineers,who are equipped with solid research skills and capable of designing and developing high-quality, value-added products. Through wellorganized curricula covering mechanical, electronic controlling and information system engineering, students in this program are expected to develop specialized hands-on skills in controlling production-process systems while paying attention to effective recycling and energy-saving technologies for limited natural resources. The program also aims to nurture globalization-minded engineers through intensive technical English reading, as well as through internship, PBL and oral presentation at research conferences, all of which are designed to enhance each student's solid sense of professionalism, social commitment and contribution, leading to improved problem-solving skills.

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    Three Dimensional Velocity Measurement of Jet Flow Using
    Time-Resolved Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry
  • 機械・電子システム工学専攻
    Basic Study on Joint Mechanism of Human-sized Robot


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    Study on Micro-hydraulic Power Generation
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    Study on Electronic Device