The educational goal of the Advanced Electrical and Information Systems Engineering Program is to nurture prospective engineers adept in developing electronics-based hardware and info-tech based software, designing and developing high valueadded, environmentally friendly products, and who are also excellent in maintaining and controlling electrical and information systems.
 The program features the nurturing of development-oriented engineers by: 1) providing broad knowledge and flexibility through well-balanced curricula that cover electric, electronic and information engineering fields: 2) promoting autonomy, creativity, problem solving skills and expressive and descriptive abilities through small-size classes.

  • cai1
    Hand Character Recognition by Using IR Depth Sensor
    of Home Gaming Console
  • cai2
    Development of the bio-MEMS for the cell sorting and
    manipulation by dielectrophoretic force
  • cai3
    Research for the improvement of control performance of
    sensorless brushless DC motor in the low-speed range
  • cai4
    The study of Brain-Machine Interface by EEG