This two-year advanced engineering course, offering three specialized engineering programs for a Bachelor of Engineering degree, aims to develop competitive engineers who possess substantial problem finding/solving abilities in various on-site technological fields.
Students taking this course, mostly graduates of National Technical Colleges that offer an associate of engineering/A.E. degree through five-year professional education, are expected to enhance their far-reaching hands-on engineering knowledge and skills necessary for today’s fast-growing, highly globalized, info-driven science and technology, and their knowledge of current environmental issues, which is especially important in recent years. Unlike conventional engineering courses at four-year colleges and universities, this course focuses on developing each student’s practical abilities in creativity, innovation, critical thinking, well- balanced leadership and cooperation, all of which are increasingly required in today’s fast-growing sci-tech fields. Company engineers, who have earned an A.E. degree and are interested in acquiring such updated skills, can also apply for this program.

Faculty members teach specialized research in the following three programs:

  • Advanced Mechanical and Electronic Control Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Electrical and Information Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Civil Engineering
  • Relationship between the regular and the advanced course
    Relationship between the regular and the advanced course
  • Building of Advanced Engineering Courses image
    Building of Advanced Engineering Courses