The mission of civil engineering is to provide well-assured environmental infrastructure in which people can lead a safe and comfortable social life. With this in mind, the Advanced Civil Engineering Program aims to foster prospective engineers, who are equipped with a substantial sense of development and creative problem solving skills to cope with natural disasters and various environmental problems often seen in Kagoshima Prefecture. Students in this program are expected to acquire professional skills in the development of local-based disaster prevention systems.

  • 25_ACE1.gif
    Trial construction of paddock pavement with Shirsu Cement
  • 25_ACE2.gif
    Test of practical applicaton with abolition bacerium floor of shochu lees
  • 25_ACE3.gif
    Triaxial compression test for Shirasu under CU condition
  • 25_ACE4.gif
    Test of bending strength for reinforced concrete beam