Department of Urban Environmental Design and Engineering (Formerly the Department of Civil Engineering)

 From the year 2010, the Department of Civil Engineering changed its name to the Department of Urban Environmental Design and Engineering.
 “Civil engineering” mainly deals with the engineering of infrastructure development such as bridges, roads, and dams.
 “Architecture” mainly deals with design and engineering of the living environment such as residential houses and buildings.
 The mission of both studies is to provide well-assured environmental infrastructure in which people can lead a safe and comfortable social life.
 In addition to subjects associated with civil engineering and architecture, the new department provides students with environmental biotechnology-related subjects that deal with global warming, destruction of the ecosystem and other environmental problems faced by modern society.
 Through well-organized theoretical and practical approaches, students will acquire both basic and advanced technological education in civil engineering, architecture, and environmental biotechnology fields as well as a sense of ethics as an engineer.
 The new department aims to develop active civil engineers who deeply understand the importance of harmonious coexistence of nature and humans from a global perspective.

  • Landscape Design Landscape Design
  • Experiments of Environmental Engineering image Experiments of Environmental Engineering

Teaching Staff and Courses

Teaching Staff

Title Name Subjects Notes
Professor/Dr.of Eng. IKEDA, Masatoshi Construction Materials, Concrete Technology Head of Urban Environmental Design and Engineering Department
Professor/Architect OKAMATSU, Michio Architectural Design, Architectural Planning, Design of Landscape  
Professor/Dr.of Eng. TSUTSUMI, Takashi Strength of materials, Rock mechanics  
Professor/Dr.of Eng, Agr. YAMAUCHI, Masahito Waste Management Engineering,Environmental Engineering Vice President (Director of Advanced Engineering Courses)
Associate Professor/Dr.of Eng. UCHIDA, Ippei City Planning,National Land Planning Assistant Dean of Dormitory Affairs
Associate Professor/Architect KAWASOE, Atsuya Structural Engineering  
Associate Professor/Dr.of Eng. YAMADA, Masayoshi Environmental Sanitary Engineering Head of Advanced Civil Engineering
Assistant Professor/Dr.of Eng. KUBOTA, Masaki Building Environmental Engineering, Building Services,Meteorological Data  
Assistant Professor/Dr.of Eng. MOHRI, Yoko Design of Landscape,Urban Design, Architectural Design Assistant Dean of Students Affairs

Nonregular employed Staff

Title Name Subjects
Nonregularly employed Professor/Dr.of Eng. NISHIDOME, Kiyoshi Environmental Engineering

Part-Time Teaching Staff

Name Courses
MORIYAMA, Teruo Execution of construction works
UMEKI, Tokifumi Execution of construction works
KAMIKOZURU, Hiroshi Port and Harbor Engineering
UCHITANI, Tamotsu Applied Mechanics, Structural Mechanics Ⅰ , Earthquake-proof Engineering
MOTOKADO, Toshio Transportation Planning
IKEDA, Hideyuki Introduce to Mechanical Engineering
KAJIYA,Tetsumi General Electrical & Electric Engineering
KITAMURA, Ryousuke Soil mechanics,Geotechnical Engineering
UTO, Hironori Design and Drawing Studio
YAMAUTI, Takahiro Surveying I, Surveying Practice I
TANAKA, Ryoji Surveying II, Surveying Practice II
  • Survey Practice image Fundamental Drawing
  • Bridge Contest image Bridge Contest


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